Marie draws her abstract paintings by hand with a plethora of markers. She tries to transmit her positive and colourful energy through her kaleidoscopic and psychedelic patterns.

Digital Processing

A few paintings are selected for each season. Our Creative Team isolates specific patterns from the paintings and processes them in different repeats and colour coordinations.

Fabric Printing

The finalised prints are then printed into our very own fabrics. The fabric can vary from silk, to cotton, tensile, linen and polyester, even upholstery fabrics for couches, towels and pillows.

Final Product

The final cut-out design is positioned on the printed fabric then cut & sewn. Amaris product is ready. Made with bespoke Amaris fabric from Marie's art.

Second Skin Collection

Discover our first - ever - sportswear collection.

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"Transforming regular leggings, bras and hoodies into unique pieces of art."

"Art on Sportswear"

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