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Terms & Conditions of Sale

The website ‘’www.amarisartstories.com’’ is an online commercial shop that sells products through the Internet. The products purchased on our website are directly sold by the company under the name ‘’ANISANA MEPE’’, which is seated at Neo Iraklio Attica, Greece, PC 14122 and is legally represented, under General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) No. 139083601000, Tax ID No. 800739320, Public Finance Department of Kifissia, electronic address : www.amarisartstories.com, contact telephone number of the online shop: (0030) 210-2826111, (hereinafter referred to as “the Vendor” or “We” or “Us” or ‘’the Company’’).

The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the offer and sale of products on our website (“www.amarisartstories.com“), through which the Company wishes to state in a clear, explicit and understandable way, acting bona fide and observing the provisions governing the validity of legal acts, the terms and conditions under which it transacts business, according to Law 2251/1994 on “Consumers’ Protection” and particularly the provisions on remote trading.


1.1. Every order through ‘’www.amarisartstories.com’’ constitutes a remote contract of sale subject to the legal framework of L.2251/1994, as today in effect.

1.2. “Consumer” shall mean any visitor of the website who is, according to the articles of the Greek Civil Code, capable of placing a valid order through the website, i.e. as long as they have the legal capacity to do so, they have reached the age of eighteen and they are not incapacitated with regard to reaching a contract of sale.

1.3. The orders can also be placed by representatives of legal persons. The Company maintains its right to claim from the respective supervisor or guardian the orders that may have been placed by legally incapable persons.

1.4. In order for an order to be valid, you are not obliged to log in with your username and password, i.e. to be a registered consumer. However, if you wish to become a member of our website, you must enter an active and valid e-mail account in the registration form for new members.

1.5 – The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or the sale of products performed by third parties that are on through links, banners or other hypertext links. Before sending orders and purchasing products and services from those third parties, we recommend that you verify the third party’s terms and conditions, since the Vendor shall under no circumstances be deemed liable for the supply of services provided by third parties or for the execution of e-commerce transactions between the users of and third parties.


2.1. In order to place an order for the purchase of one or more products on ‘’www.amarisartstories.com’’, you must fill out the online order form and send it electronically to the Vendor, following the relevant instructions.

On all pages of www.amarisartstories.com and beside every available product there is an ADD TO CART button with different choices for size and colour (when possible). Navigate around our online shop and add to your cart the products you wish to buy. Every product has a special code.

2.2. Our order form, which appears immediately prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract, provides you with brief information regarding the essential features of each product ordered and the price (including all applicable taxes or fees). An order shall be deemed to have been submitted when the Vendor receives your order form electronically and the order information has been verified as correct.

2.3. Before submitting the order form, you will be asked to identify and correct possible input errors.

2.4. Before completing your order, you will be asked on the order form to carefully read these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

2.5. Upon completion of the order, you will receive an automatical response from our Company via e-mail confirming only the receiving of your order.

After we receive the order, We will be in the process of checking the details and preparing your order, and within three (3) calendar days you will receive an e-mail confirming the placement and acceptance or rejection of your order.

In case you do not receive a relevant electronic message confirming your order, it is your responsibility to immediately contact us and inform us because there may be an issue with the contact details you have provided. The Company bears no responsibility in case you have entered wrong contact details and therefore communication with you is impossible.

Within five (5) calendar days after We have sent you the e-mail confirming the placement and acceptance of your order, you will receive another e-mail by Us with all the shipping details and the tracking number of your order.

2.6. The Vendor may not process purchases when the orders are incomplete or incorrect, or the products are no longer available. In the above cases, We shall inform you via e-mail that the contract has not been executed and that the Vendor has not carried out your purchase order specifying the reasons thereof.

2.7. If the products displayed on our website are no longer available at the time the Vendor receives your order form, the Vendor shall inform you of the unavailability of the ordered products via e-mail within three (3) calendar days from the day the Vendor receives your order. If the price has already been paid for products that are no longer available, the Vendor will refund the amount paid for those items, without undue delay, and the contract between the parties will be deemed to have been terminated.

2.8. By submitting an order form to our website, thus making a contract with the Vendor, you unconditionally accept and undertake to observe the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Should you not agree with certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not submit your order form for the purchase of products on.

2.9. WE DO NOT OFFER products for sale before they are released that the customer could pre-order (“Pre-order Products”).


3.1 – On our website, we only offer products marked with the “Amaris” trademark. These products are purchased by us directly from the fashion house and/or the manufacturer authorized by the fashion house.

3.2 – The Vendor does not sell second-hand products, flawed products or products of lower quality than the corresponding market standards.

3.3. The main characteristics of products are shown on each product page. The products offered for sale on our website may not exactly correspond to the real garments in terms of image and colours due to the Internet browser or monitor used.

3.4. The purchase price of a product is the price of the product at the moment the order was submitted by the Consumer and was accepted by the Vendor. Any subsequent changes made until the moment the product is delivered to you, will not affect your order and its terms.

3.5. All the prices shown in our e-shop are in Euro (€) currency and include 24% VAT Greek Tax.


4.1. You have the opportunity to pay in either one of the following ways: a) Credit/Debit Card and b) Bank Transfers

4.2. You can pay up your order by credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, UNION PAY). The use of a credit/debit card for your purchases from www.amarisartstories.com is completely secure, as long as you follow the respective instructions.

The minimum necessary details of the card (owner’s data, type, number, expiry date, authentication number) will be transmitted to Piraeus Bank, so that their validity can be confirmed and your transaction can securely be carried out.

The data you enter will be sent by encrypted protocol to Piraeus Bank which provides remote electronic payment services, without third parties having any access thereto whatsoever, and will be directly transferred to the secure webpage of the Bank and not to our database, thus providing the highest possible security level. The Collaborating Bank examines the validation of the above details of the card and informs electronically about the approval or rejection of the transaction, while at the same time it sends the one and only confirmation code for the transaction. After the transaction has been approved, you will be informed through a respective success message. In case of rejection of the transaction by the Bank or the relevant network, the purchase is not made.

Such details will not be used by the Vendor except for executing the procedure relevant to your purchase or issuing refunds in the case of returns in compliance with the exercise of your return right or for reporting cases of fraud to the Authorities.

4.3. You can also pay up your order by Bank Transfer including your order number in the notes. Once you complete the transfer you must send a copy of the transaction to [email protected] in order to process your order faster. Your order will be executed only when the funds are shown in our bank account. Any Bank Transfer fees must be paid in full by client.


5.1. As soon as the Company sends you an e-mail with all the shipping details and the tracking number of your order, the delivery of the products should take place within five (5) working days for deliveries made in Greece and Cyprus, and within seven (7) working days for deliveries made abroad.

5.2. Τhe products you have ordered are sent to the address you have given us on the order form through DHL. It is the Company’s right to employ a different courier company.

5.3. Shipping costs

5.4. The Company bears no responsibility, in case of delayed or impossible delivery that is caused by reasons of force majeure (extreme weather conditions, strikes, etc.), nevertheless you will be promptly notified.

5.5. The order may also be delayed in case of impossible communication with you through e-mail and/or telephone, in case that the registered data are wrong or outdated.

5.6. In case the data you have entered in the form are not correct, the Company shall not be responsible for non-delivery of products.

5.7. In order to collect the product/s you have ordered, you will be asked to sign, as soon as the order arrives at your address.

5.8. If a customer is not found upon delivery, the courier company may leave a receipt in your mailbox asking you to contact them, or the package will be sent back to the Company, and in that case it can be resent to you at your own expenses.

5.9. The products to be delivered are packaged as carefully as possible and meet all relevant regulations.

5.10. Every package that is delivered should be examined by the Customer and any reservations in case of partial or total damage should be expressed in writing in the delivery receipt of the courier company. If you do not express your complaints upon delivery of the package, this means that the package was delivered in good condition and no subsequent requests or complaints shall be accepted.

Shipping Charges

Destination Service Charges Delivery Time
Greece DHL / Other Partner Free of Charge 1-2 business days
Europe DHL 15,00 € 2-3 business days
Switzerland DHL 25,00 € 2-3 business days
Rest of the World DHL 65,00 € 6-7 business days

*Extra Charges may apply for remote areas. We do not ship to PO Boxes

Please note that delivery outside of the EU may be subject to local import taxes and duties, which are your responsibility where they apply.

  6. RETURNS (Non Applicabale for Pre-Season Sales) 

6.1. The aim of www.amarisartstories.com is to deliver the products you have ordered in the correct quality, quantity and time so that you can always be fully content with Us.

6.2. All Products come with an identification tag attached with a disposable seal. Do not remove the tag or seal from the purchased products should you wish to return the purchased product. Should you decide to exercise your right to return purchased products, the Vendor has the right not to accept them if they are returned without the corresponding tag or seal or if they have been altered from their original status or damaged.

6.3. You have the right to cancel your contract with the Vendor in relation to products purchased from Us, without any penalty and for any reason, within fifteen (15) calendar days from receiving the products. The exact date of the receiving of the products will be proved by the signed receipt of the courier company.

In order to withdraw from the contract, you must fill out the Return and Exchange Form,  and you must send it via e-mail at [email protected] within fifteen (15) calendar days from receiving the product(s) or you may draft and send the Vendor another declaration explicitly stating your decision to withdraw from the contract within the same period of time.

If you choose to use the Return and Exchange Form and send it via e-mail at [email protected], the Vendor will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of the withdrawal request within three (3) calendar days after receiving your e-mail. Should you instead choose to send another type of withdrawal statement, you will be responsible for proving that you exercised your withdrawal right in a proper, timely manner.

Once you have exercised your right to withdraw from the contract, you must return the products to the Vendor at your own expense, sending them to the shipping agent for shipment within three (3) calendar days after We inform you via e-mail that We accept the withdrawal request.

6.4. The return right – besides compliance with the terms and procedures described at par. 6.2.-6.3 above – shall be deemed correctly exercised once the following conditions have been fully met:

  1. the Return and Exchange Form sent to the Vendor via e-mail at [email protected], or another declaration explicitly stating your decision to withdraw from the contract must be correctly completed and submitted within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the products;
    b. the products must not have been used, worn or washed;
    c. the identification tag must still be attached to the products with the disposable seal;
    d. the products must be returned in their original packaging;
    e. the returned products must be sent to the shipping agent within three (3) calendar days after the Vendor informs you via e-mail (see above 6.3) about the acceptance of your the withdrawal request.
    f. the products must not be damaged.

6.5. If the terms and conditions for exercising your right to withdraw from the contract, are not complied with the above mentioned, you will not have the right to be reimbursed with the amounts already paid to the Vendor. The Vendor shall send you the corresponding e-mail explaining why you are not entitled to a refund; nevertheless, you shall be entitled, at the Company’s expense, to receive the products in the condition in which they were sent back to Us. If you do not wish to receive the products in the condition in which they were sent back to Us, We shall be entitled to keep the products and withhold the sums already received.

6.6.  If the return right is exercised in conformity with the provisions set forth in this section, the Vendor shall send you the corresponding e-mail confirmation of the acceptance of the returned products within five (5) calendar days from receiving them and shall refund the amounts paid for the returned products according to the methods and times of our standard refund procedure.

6.7. You have the right to request a change of a purchased product with a new one of the same code, only in the case that you are not satisfied with its size and special features (i.e. indicatively its color).

In order to exercise your right to exchange the purchased product, you must fill out the Return and Exchange Form, and you must send it via e-mail at [email protected],within fifteen (15) calendar days from receiving the product, explaining the reasons you are not satisfied with your purchase and describing in detail the specific features of the new product that you request to receive.

The Vendor will send you an e-mail within three (3) calendar days after receiving your e-mail, confirming the receipt and acceptance of the exchange request or in case of non-availability of the requested product, informing you about your right to request a full refund.

Once you have exercised your right to request for an exchange of a product, you must return the purchased product to the Vendor at your own expense sending it to the shipping agent for shipment within three (3) calendar days after you receive the e-mail sent by the Company confirming your request.

The return and exchange right shall be deemed correctly exercised once the conditions b, c, d and f of provision 6.4. above have been fully met.

The new product will be sent by the Company to the shipping agent for shipment within five (5) calendar days after We receive the originally purchased product, provided that the returned product meets the conditions b, c, d and f of provision 6.4. above.

The delivery cost of the replaced product will be covered by the Company.

6.8. In case you realize that there is some manufacturing defect in the product you have received, you must send Us an e-mail at [email protected] within fifteen (15) calendar days after the product has been delivered to you, informing Us about the inconvenience.

You must then return the defected product to the Vendor sending it to the shipping agent for shipment within three (3) calendar days after you send Us the e-mail, informing Us about the defect. The returned product should not be damaged and should be accompanied by all the original documents that were in the package; the package of the product is also required if it is possible.

Once We receive the product, We will inspect it so that the report of the customer regarding the defect can be confirmed. If We confirm the defective product, We will send you an e-mail within five (5) calendar days from the receiving of the product, confirming the defect and informing you that the product will be replaced with an identical new item, or, in case of non-availability or if you do not wish for the product to be replaced, informing you about your right to a full refund.

All the shipping costs concerning the defective products as well as the shipping costs of the replaced product will be covered by Us.

6.9. In any case you received products that were different from those that you ordered, you can return them so that the products are examined and the error is detected. In that case, immediately contact us on telephone number: (0030) 210-2826111, Monday-Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 (except official holidays) or send us an e-mail at [email protected] and let us know of your inconvenience. In this case, the return costs and the second-delivery costs will be covered by the Company as long as the return is carried out according to the terms and conditions described above.

6.10. If the products are returned with the same postal service as they were sent, the Vendor relieves you from any responsibility for any loss or damage to the products during transport. In any other case, i.e. if you use a different postal service, you are responsible for any loss or damage of the products being returned.

6.11. Products marked as “Pre-Season Sales”, “Clearance Products” or “Stock Products” cannot be returned or exchanged.

Return Charges

Destination Service Charges Delivery Time
Greece DHL / Other Partner Free of Charge 1-2 business days
Europe DHL 15,00 € 2-3 business days
Rest of the World DHL 65,00 € 6-7 business days

*Returns must be sent using the mentioned Service.


7.1. – After the products have been returned, We shall check within five (5) calendar days the conformity of the products with the conditions indicated in section 6 above. When the Vendor is able to confirm that such conditions have been met, We shall send you an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the returned products and the refund procedure shall be started.

7.2 The Vendor provides the refund using the same payment method you used to acquire the returned products, unless you have expressly agreed with the Vendor to use another payment method, and on the condition that you must not incur any additional cost as a result of the refund.

7.3. If the recipient of the products indicated in the order form and the person that has paid the sums for their purchase is not the same, the reimbursement of the sums in all cases shall be made by the Vendor to the person that made the payment.

7.4. The Company has no responsibility for the value date for the refund credit in comparison with the original debit.

7.5. In case the payment was made by credit card, the Company informs the respective Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will then take any action specified in the contract between you and the bank without any further responsibility of the Company. As a result, the Company will not be responsible for the time and the way your money will be refunded, which is determined by the above mentioned contract.

7.6. In case the payments was made by bank transfer the amount will be refunded to the bank account of the customer from which the payment was made only. Any bank charges are covered by Us.


9.1. Personal data collected in the course of the operation of the Site are used exclusively for the purpose of secure and smooth communication and connection of users with www.amarisartstories.com. The confidentiality of their content is preserved and is not transmitted or divulged to third parties except in cases where the transmission or disclosure is required by an express legal provision.

The collection and processing of personal data collected in the context of the operation of the Site is subject to Law 2472/1997 “on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data” and in Law 2774/1999 “on the protection of personal data in the telecommunication Sector ” as today in effect and from 25th May 2018 will be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

The Company is not responsible for the terms of collection and processing of personal data that apply to other sites to which our site refers in the form of links.

9.2. The Company’s management and protection of the personal data of its users and/or

visitors of www.amarisartstories.com are governed by the relevant Greek and EU legislation, the present Personal Data Protection Statement and the following terms. The written declaration with your details is considered your consent for the collection and processing of your data to the extent this is absolutely necessary for achieving the aim of their collection.

In case you use the present website, you accept and consent to the present Personal Data Protection Statement as well as to the Terms and Conditions on the use and sales of the website, that have been published on the website.

The users of our website can visit it without having to disclose their identity, unless they want to. Any user can navigate around www.amarisartstories.com without providing any personal information. We will need some personal data (full name, email, delivery address, telephone number, etc.) mainly for the placing of your order, for the shipping of the products, in case you want to sign up in our webpage and/or in case you want to contact Us via email.

It is important for you to understand that it is necessary to give Us certain details, which will be kept secret, in order to provide you with better services.

9.3. The information you have voluntarily given to us is used by the Company or collaborating establishments (Collaborating Bank, postal service) in order to support, promote and carry out your transaction through www.amarisartstories.com and give you the opportunity to have direct and real communication with Us and finally provide you with our services and fulfil your orders. Our website does not send electronic addresses or any other information about its users/customers to any organization/establishment or collaborator that is not related to www.amarisartstories.com.

The fulfillment of any order requires the collection of personal data so that the order can be filled and delivered. In addition, the use of credit card, which requires the identification data of the legal owner only for the first time it is debited, is in any case safeguarded. All supporting and other documents that certify and declare your identity remain strictly confidential and are checked only by the respective authorized department of www.amarisartstories.com. The fact that you provide your personal data means that you agree that these data can be used by the employees of www.amarisartstories.com for the above reasons. Our website demands that its employees and maintenance technicians provide you with the security level reported in the present Personal Data Protection Statement. On no other occasion may www.amarisartstories.com share your personal data with others without your prior consent, unless it is required by the law and even in this case only with the competent Authorities.

As a user/visitor you guarantee the accuracy and validity of the personal data that are related to you and you submit to the Company, while you also guarantee your right to submit these data.

Please, take into account that under certain circumstances, when it is allowed or imposed by the law or a judicial decision, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data that have been collected online can be disclosed without your prior consent.

9.4. The Company shall be the possessor and responsible for the processing of both the data that have been collected in the above way and the archive that has been created for the above purposes. The above archive shall be kept at the base of the Company, and it can be contacted through email by clicking at the link [email protected]amarisartstories.com and through telephone (0030) 210-2826111, Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 (except official holidays), shall be the Representative of the Company and the person Responsible for Processing.

The Company shall be the only receiver of the personal data you provide and shall transfer these data to companies associated to the Company for operational and information technology purposes within the frame of its business relationships with you as well as for statistical and historical reasons.

9.5. As users/visitors who have submitted their personal data to the Company, you have a) the right to access the data that are related to you and are possessed by the Company, b) the right to be informed about all personal data related to you as well as about their origin, the reasons for their processing, the receivers or the categories of receivers, the progress on the processing since the last update or information you had, the logic of the automated processing, and the, as the case may be, correction, deletion or binding of data which is not processed according to the provisions of L.2472/1997, c) the right to object to the processing of data related to you, d) the right to enjoy temporary judicial protection, e) the right to revoke at any moment your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data, without retroactive effect.

Form our part we fulfill all our responsibilities imposed by the law.

In case you directly submit by yourselves any personal or sensitive data of yours, to any third parties through the present website, it is up to you to investigate the protection terms the third parties set with regard to these data.

Τhe details of the credit card are not stored in the storage devices of the Company during the transaction but are directly registered in a secure environment of the collaborating Bank.

The Company objects to the collection of personal data belonging to underage people and has no intention of collecting or processing the data of these persons.

9.6. Our website allows you to correct, change or delete data and information that have been submitted to www.amarisartstories.com. If you choose to delete information, www.amarisartstories.com will act in a way that will immediately delete the information from its records.

Additional personal security is provided through the username and the personal password you enter when you become a member of www.amarisartstories.com. In this way, every time you use them, you have absolutely secure access to your personal details. You can change your password and your electronic address (e-mail) whenever you wish. Please, bear in mind that although we will do our best in order to protect your personal data, the protection of the password used for login to our website depends on you as well.

9.7. Our website is subject to the current Greek and EU legislation and safely keeps your personal data for as long as you are registered with its services. The data are deleted after your commercial relationship with the Company is terminated irrespective of the way this is conducted.

9.8. In the context of continuous improvements to our Site ‘’www.amarisartstories.com’’ may process and/or modify this Privacy Policy.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to Greek law and in particular by Law 2251/1994, Presidential Decree No. 131/2003 and Ministerial Decision 316/2017 (Code of Conduct for E-Commerce); any possible dispute arising from this contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.


The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due to new laws and regulations or other reasons. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be effective as of the date of publication on.


For any other information, please contact us on telephone number (0030) 210.2826111, Monday-Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 (except official holidays), or through email at [email protected].


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Wrap tape around your natural waistline, (narrower part of your body), under your navel or where you actual wear your pants.

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Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hip - approximately 20cm down from your waist. Don’t forget to keep tape level.

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Standing nicely and straight tall, with your feet to be straight forward and the toes pointing forward, measure from the top of the waist, down the side to the floor -no shoes on.

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Measure from the top of the shoulder seam (where shoulder meets neckline) down to the floor - no shoes on