Amaris Art Stories

Amaris Art Stories is an artistic fashion brand which brings art into life on colourful patterns and fabrics. Established in 2018, Amaris has been producing vibrant garment collections which are born out of the optimistic soul of our Greek artist Marie Gyparaki.

We produce Resort apparel and Ready-to-Wear collections using flattering, all time classic cuts and relaxing silhouettes with an elegant yet unpretentious chic touch. From sensual mini dresses, sophisticated two-piece sets, stylish jumpsuits, revealing caftans, daring beachwear to glorious maxi gowns, our collections accompany the Amaris Woman day and night and offer her the ideal options for her summer adventures.

For the Autumn/Winter seasons we also produce a variety of accessories such as capes, pashminas, scarves and ‘separates’ (individual items of clothing), such as skirts, shirts, knits or trousers, suitable for wearing in different combinations.

Our creative process from the initial design idea until final product is unique. We start off with Marie’s original fine art paintings which we then process digitally, recreating color variations, different types of repeat patterns and direct print placement executions, especially adjusted to fit each garment’s pattern individually. We then decide the most suitable fabric qualities upon which we’ll print our artwork on, ensuring that the vibrant colours and positive emotion are encapsulated in the best possible way. Our bespoke Amaris fabric is then cut manually and sewn with extreme attention to detail into our pre-determined silhouettes, giving life to our – filled with kaleidoscopic patterns – collection.

We also offer an additionally personalized design service and product development according various market needs and constraints.

The Amaris woman is naturally and gently propelled by an artistic breeze. She can only be realized as a multidimensional emancipated personality and a dreamer of a cosmopolitan and care-free, yet glamorous, lifestyle.